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I am a young photographer with big dreams; I have always been interested in photography, but never I really gave it a shot - until now. Recently I have started to take it more seriously, and I look at it like I would any other job. I am constantly trying to improve my skillset, and I am always searching for new and interesting projects I can be a part of.

I love working with new people, artists, bands and more. The first group to give me a chance to prove myself was the band Kid Astray - an Indie Pop band from Norway. Joining them and shooting their show at Gjøvik I proved to myself that this is something I want to develop and work at improving.

Name: Marius Siverts Midttun

Date of birth: 1993

Nationality: Norwegian

Address: Parkveien 64, Oslo

Phone: +47 913 54 946

Email: marius.midttun@masivemedia.no


I started with concert and event photography recently, but I am a creative soul.

I have a podcast, I paint on canvas, I rap, I love interior design, and I do some music production.

On the side of all these hobbies, I have worked since I was 15 years old, all while in school -

In fact, I like to think that the hard work in school and business is what allows me to spend time being creative whenever I have time off!


Freelance - 2017 - Current

Concert/Event/Show photography - I want to experience it all! Let me show you what I can do for you.


Move About - 2015 - Current

The worlds 1'st all electric car-sharing company, I work with customer retention and service, as well as administration of the cars and other logistical tasks in regards to managing the fleet.


Esacon - 2011 - 2015

I worked with aquiring new partners and customers for our company, and personally got in touch with several big companies in Norway to set up meetings with them.


I am currently working on expanding my photography portfolio, while I try to make unforgettable memories. This leads me to shoot at concerts, events, trips, and much more.

I post most of my best shots on Instagram under "mariusmidttun", check it out.

Take a look at some of the moments I have shot lately:



Parkveien 64, Oslo, 0254




Tel: +4791354946


Norwegian Photographer - 23 years old. Concert and Event-photography.

I am a young professional with great expectations for what the future has to offer. I dove head-first in to the world of photography in February 2017, but I have been taking photos from the age of 15.

I try to catch those stand-out moments, and freezing great experiences in my camera for future enjoyment.

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